Four featuring celebrity hairstyles for you

Weaves can be used for many purposes including making the hair look longer, adding volume simply or as a combination with wigs.  (silk lace wigs)  But today a lot of people are seen using weaves as a way to get straight and long hair. But do you know what Weaves actually are?

Weaves are a well used option to add bounce and volume to hair by various celebrities. This gives them the additional length and volume which allows them to adopt varied hairstyles a lot more easily. It also tends to reduce the curls in the hair as when it is woven in with the hair, then additional weight loosens out the curls giving your hair a more wavy and long look.

Celebrity Weave Hairstyles:

1. Britney spears:

American pop star and prominent entertainer Britney Spears has been seen using weaves to accentuate her naturally limp and thin hair. Check out her mermaid weaves.


2. Beyonce Knowles:

Beyonce is a prominent singer, songwriter, actor and also a dancer. (cheap hair wigs) Her love for weave hairstyles is quite well known!


3. Wendy Raquel Robinson:

American actress Wendy Raquel Robinson, known for her role in Steve Harvey show has sported weaves on multiple occasions.


4. Paris Hilton:

Brand ambassador of a hair extension company, Paris is known to wear weaves to accentuate her blonde locks beautifully. Usually she wears platinum and light weaves to make her look more beautiful.



Also you can choose other wigs such as wigs african american .

Choose another hairstyle in the wedding day, short hairstyle

The long hairstyle in the wedding day is not the only one you can choose. Maybe you can try a short one. Will you have a try? here are more Bridesmaid Dresses.

Speaking of trends in hairstyles for short hair , the style is more fashionable  cut short haired bride is the Bob in all measures. The  Bob cut is stylish, chic and ultra feminine. For this post I selected some pictures of this type of hairstyle in which I show this trend in brides  with different lengths of hair to give you an idea.

It is clear that the wedding day is not an ordinary day: we dress different and we comb different but we must not give up our personality. Therefore, if the style hairstyle with which you feel identified is short hair , why not?

Personally, I think the brides with a good style short hair exude personality and strength and, of course, because they let femininity shines forth in full the neck, one of the most sensual parts of a woman. (Mermaid Trumpet Wedding Dresses )You see, short hair and femininity are not incompatible.

Furthermore, I recommend you not to choose a short for your wedding day hair, you have to give up the idea of the headdress. There are now many firms bride headgear  specially designed for brides with short hair .

Furthermore, the same day of the wedding you can always do some touch-up if deemed necessary.  (Prom Dresses) Big bows, wreaths of natural flowers, jewelry and headdresses nets birdcage  are some of the trends for brides this season that may look good on brides short hair.

Ditto Di Figure Women 2014 Spring Fishtail Prom Dress

Mermaid legends, I am sure you have heard, has the image of a mermaid tail, and beautiful, they are also very touching story, widely transmitted, a good grasp of the highlights of the designer for the fashion industry brings a fishtail clothing, fishtail elements they loved once born, especially in the dress industry, fishtail elements of classic and stylish. mermaid trumpet wedding dresses

Ditto Di Figure Women 2014 Spring Fishtail Prom Dress

Ditto Di Figure Women 2014 Spring Fishtail Prom Dress

Ditto Di Figure Women 2014 spring and summer women bring to our series on the beautiful fishtail evening dress, red roses, romantic and elegant, V-neck design sexy and charming, with beaded shoulder unique design allows the shoulder more highlights, as well as highlighting elegant, Slim design is highlight fashion women beautiful body curve, to attend important occasions dinner, absolutely can blockbuster!

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